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Mengistu Worku, the greatest Ethiopian footballer of all time, passed away today at the age of 70 after  undergoing a two-year medical treatment in Bangkok, Thailand.  Mengistu returned home recently after it was determined that his last days should be spent in his beloved country.

Mengistu, was named the “Ethiopian Kopa”, after the great French footballer of the 50s Raymond Kopa, because of his dribbling ability and swiftness of his movements. Read the rest of this entry »

July 3rd, 2010 San Jose, CA ESFNA:

There are approximately 5,000 visitors divided equally between watching the games and or hanging out at the vending sections of Spartan stadium. The weather has been perfect all day and the evening weather has been even better. There is an entertaining game of soccer on the field between LA Stars and San Francisco Walia teams and healthy bantering going on between the fans of the two clubs….oh wow! Frisco just scored 1 sending the local fans into a frenzy – game tied 1 -1. Game On!!! 70th minute LA striker takes goalie one-on-one and scores a cheeky goal. Game 2 -1. 80th minute Frisco player gets a red. 85th minute another LA striker rips one from 70 yards away with such force that it bends the fingers of the goalie and hits the back of the net. Game 3-1. Final whistle blows LA Stars are the champions…..Congratulations LA Stars ESFNA 2010 Champions!!!!!

Day 7 – Saturday July 3rd, 2010

See you at the Closing Event at the San Jose Convention Center folks…..let’s close it out real strong with a lineup of exciting entertainers!

  • Winners Ethio-LA Stars – Division I
  • Winners LA Vegas – Division II…they also go into division I next year.

Kansas is in!!! It will join the ESFNA family as the 28th member team starting 2011.

Division II Final

  • Las Vegas over San Diego : 4 – 2

Division I Final
  • LA Stars over San Francisco: 3 – 1

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United States 1 : 2 Ghana - Highlights
Uruguay 2 : 1 South Korea - Highlights
Upcoming matches:
Germany vs. England - Jun 27 10:00am (ET) on ESPN
Argentina vs. Mexico - Jun 27 2:30pm (ET) on ABC
Netherlands vs. Slovakia - Jun 28 10:00am (ET) on ESPN
Brazil vs. Chile - Jun 28 2:30pm (ET) on ESPN
Paraguay vs. Japan - Jun 29 10:00am (ET) on ESPN
Spain vs. Portugal - Jun 29 2:30pm (ET) on ESPN
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